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Go Pro is finally fixed so I have all my photos and videos back! Here's a screenshot of the ride through the Russian Altai. Easily one of the best roads in the world. 🇷🇺 #gopro Finally had time to (almost) catch up on my blog posts. A new informative post about the Caspian Sea crossing and a post covering my journey across Kazakhstan🇰🇿 and Mongolia 🇲🇳has been uploaded. Follow the link in my bio. [photo📷: @lookerthroughthelens] #ThisCantbetheroad #Caspiansea #Honda #revit While my bikes in transit across the Pacific I thought I'd pop home to grab my degree 🇬🇧👀 delighted to be graduating with a high 2:1 in History from the University of East Anglia. 📚 It was lovely to see the parents for the day too. #sunsinoureyes #UEA #graduation #freshofftheplane Absolutely exhausted but made it to the Pacific coast! 🌊 Fresh out of the desert, slammed 2500 miles in 4 days. Crossing Siberia and East Asia, I'm now just 40 miles from North Korea👀. It's been pretty grim with constant rain, riding through the night (+ having to sleep against the bike in a layby). However the landscape has been undeniably beautiful (photo is back in Kazakhstan because my camera is now dead) and the very few Russians I have came across, have been some of the nicest people in the world. Going well out of their way to help me. Generosity which I genuinely will remember forever. 
Saying a temporary goodbye to the bike as it's crated up ready to be shipped across the Pacific 🇨🇦 For now though I'm gonna have a day off finally and try to regain some body weight. But more importantly I'll pack up my life so I can go meet Herbert as he lands in the new world in 6 weeks time, where we can continue the adventure. (At a much slower pace) 🌏🚢🌎. [Photo📷: @williamvickerss]

#11000miles Finally defeated the Gobi Desert and made it to Ulan Bator, Mongolia. 🇲🇳8500 miles completed through the worst roads and hideous conditions. 🌅Despite all the warnings from locals and anyone who has ever rode a motorbike, I completed the Journey on small road tyres and paid the price. I've came off the bike more times than I can count, but somehow no broken bones and more importantly, the bike is still pretty much intact. It's been an absolute hero this whole trip and It's reliability has definitely saved my life in the desert.
So here's a photo of me and Herbert (my bike🏍) having a little time out in the middle of Mongolia, shortly after one of many sand related crashes. Thank you to everyone who's donated so far, it means the world to all of us and will help the charity so much. There's still time to donate at [Photo📷: @williamvickerss] #roundtheworld #motorcycle #norwich2mongolia #mongolia #honda Stormy Russian sky. Shame I was photobombed by the lightning ⚡️👀🇷🇺🌩⛈[photo📷: @dexter94]  #gopro #norwich2mongolia #motorcycle #altai #revit #schuberth

About Me

24 Year old motorcycle enthusiast, currently trying to travel the world on a budget.

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While many may think the CB500x is a strange decision for a RTW bike, for me, it was the easiest decision I had to make. Originally I looked at all the usual options. DRZ400s, F650GS Dakars, Versys and even a CRF250. But having owned (and loved) 2 classic CB500s in the past I would have happily done the journey on them, had it not been for the cramped riding style and the inevitable knee pain after an hour or so. The CB500x takes everything i love from that classic bike and just puts it in a more comfortable package. It has incredible fuel economy, usually getting me 60-70mpg with a total range of about 210miles.  It’s upright riding position is extremely comfortable, while its relatively small 471cc engine still packs a decent punch, easily being adequate for the type of riding I am going to be doing. It also keeps the weight to a minimum allowing me to pick it up solo when i inevitably drop it in the Kazakhstan desert. Most importantly for me though, is it’s relatively cheap price, reliability and confidence inspiring performance. It is often overlooked by reviewers but if you are going to be spending months or even years on a bike, one of the most important things is that you enjoy it and are confident throwing the bike into bends even after a full days back-breaking slog. The CB500x Is perfect for this, It’s a bike that i love and have easily grown an attachment too. It may not be the perfect bike for the job, but I’m sure it’ll be ideal in creating memories and taking me around the world.

So here it is, ladies and gents meet Herbert:

Honda CB500x

Still a work in progress but the modifications it has so far are as follows: (some came with the bike)

  • Hepco & Becker Accessory & Engine Bars Fitted
  • R & G Tail Tidy Fitted – Cost £9
  • Oxford Advanced HotGrips
  • Armoured Spotlights
  • Smoked Indicator Lenses – Front & Back
  • Touring Screen
  • Fully Adjustable Black Levers fitted
  • Accessory Bar Fitted
  • Side Stand Extender Fitted
  • Mottorad- Planet Engine guard
  • OEM Honda Centre stand
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