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Luke Phillips


Nicaragua completed ✅ The locals aren’t the friendliest and the place is fairly touristy, but had the best time here. Met some awesome people and made some great memories. Finally made it to Sunday funday, released some new born turtles and rode around a volcano. 🌋🐢Now onto the next country 🇬🇧🇳🇮#anidiotabroad Zipping round a volcanic island on this beaut all week. 🌋 Not a bad way to run down the rest of my visa. Back on the road again and living the dream. An awesome week spent in El Salvador, before blazing it across Honduras to Nicaragua. Didn’t originally plan on going to El Salvador, but the riots, road blocks, violence and border closures in Honduras meant I had to detour south. It turned out to be such a beautiful country with stunning beaches and incredible sunsets and sunrises. An underrated gem in the middle of Central America 🇸🇻 Spent the last two weeks living and working on a sail boat. Fixing it up and learning how to sail in the process ⛵️ not your normal 9-5 but feels good to do some graft again and have a break from the outside world. For now though, separating with @lllyun_gatt again. Met 2 1/2 years ago in Vietnam, then just had an extended 5 week reunion. Safe travels bro it’s been a pleasure, hopefully I’ll see you again a lot sooner this time. #captainphillips #2dollarshirt #gopro ‘The mind is it’s own place, and in itself can make a heaven of  hell, and a hell of heaven’ (John Milton) - Reflecting on a bad last few days here before I press on regardless, back into the void. Just need to keep faith & this too shall pass, the only thing you can ever count on is that nothing stays the same for long. 📸 Two more cool Black & White photos taken by @vago_mx in Baja California Sur, Mexico. November, 2017. 🇬🇧🇬🇧 Unbelievable views on the descent back down from the summit today. 🇬🇹🌋 #gopro

About Me

24 Year old motorcycle enthusiast, currently trying to travel the world on a budget.

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Who and what?

Austria LandscapeI’m a 24 year old ex soldier and graduate currently residing in the UK. Whilst I’m relatively past the thrill seeking aspect of the British Army theres something which has just gripped me, when it comes to travelling the world by motorcycle. A intolerable bug which makes no other means of travelling adequate.

Back in 2015 I randomly booked a flight to Vietnam, not knowing what to expect. Having recently watched a repeat of the Top Gear Vietnam special, i had my lightbulb moment. It struck me as a way that i could travel Vietnam solo. Knowing i could just be alone and enjoy the incredible scenery gave me security in case i couldn’t find any likeminded people to share the experience with. While i was correct on the beautiful scenery side of things, within the first few days in Ho Chi Minh City, i met a huge group of incredibly diverse and wonderful people who wanted to join me on this trip. Then that was it, we spent the next 5 weeks driving from south to north through rice fields, dirt tracks, mountain ranges, along the coast and it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life. Although there are many horror stories and accidents spread around (the roads are biblically dangerous) i really do think this is the only way to travel Vietnam.

From this experience i was hooked, i returned to the UK only to spend all of my savings later that year travelling Thailand and Indonesia. While it was great fun, it just wasn’t the same. In 2016 i spent a month in the beautiful Philippines and in the final week i realised what was missing. The Motorbike. In realisation I hired a bike from the Palawan airport (Literally outside the terminal) and did the 6 hour drive to El Nido two-up with my then-girlfriend on the back. The love of travelling had returned. The amount of things you see and go through on the journey is just out of this world. You miss so much asleep on a bus, or flying airport to airport that It’s barely even worth the journey. Especially as i particularly dislike busy and built up towns it just hit me as this is the only way to see the world. The only way i wanted to witness everything.

From there i returned home and sold my car to buy myself a classic Honda CB500, from now on i wanted to witness everything on a bike, even the daily commute. In the  next year i spent it earning as much money as possible, finishing my degree and (loosely) planning a world trip to be completed at the end of 2017.

The decision to write a blog came quite naturally. It’s become a way of communicating with everyone at home to let them know how I’m getting on. Importantly, basically everything I’ve planned for my trip has been made SO much easier thanks to the forums on Horizon HUBB and also various blogs that my friends have shown me, such as and So in writing a blog, hopefully i could help someone else to plan their trip, give them inspiration or at the very least point them towards some good round the world kit (Or away from bad kit).